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  • About Antigua and Barbuda

    • Located between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean and includes two main islands, Antigua and Barbuda.
    • The largest English-speaking island of the Leeward, one of the most beautiful islands in the world.
    • Tourism makes 60% of the domestic income, with tourists coming from Europe, Canada and the USA.
    • Antigua & Barbuda has various investments in Real Estate and hotels for well known celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Robert De Niro.
    • The capital city and headquarter is Saint John’s.
    • Area: 442 Sq. km.
    • Population: 102,012 (in 2017).
    • Official Language: English.
    • Currency: East Caribbean Dollar (EC$) and it is tied to the US Dollar.
    • Independence from the UK: 1st of November, 1981.
    • The Federation is a member of the following organizations:
        • The British Commonwealth
        • The United Nations (UN)
        • The Organization of American States (OAS)
        • The Caribbean Community (CARICOM)
        • World Trade Organization (WTO)

    Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program:

    • The Citizenship Program was established in 2013 and it grants an applicant full citizenship rights (except election) and the passport within 3-4 months from the application submission date.
    • As citizens of Antigua & Barbuda, the applicant and his family members enjoy visa-free travel to 132 countries, including the UK and the Schengen countries. Antigua’s passport is ranked 26th worldwide.
    • The application includes the principal applicant, spouse, dependents under the age of 28 subject that they are full-time students as well as financially dependent parents above the age of 58.
    • No prior residency requirements for the citizenship, but the Applicant and dependents above 18 are requested to visit Antigua & Barbuda for 5 days within the first 5 years after receiving the citizenship and passports.
    • The program does not require a specific education, language or experience level.
    • Antigua & Barbuda passport holders can have dual citizenship.
    • There are no capital gains or income taxes for the income generated out of Antigua.
    • When acquiring the citizenship under Antigua’s citizenship program, the applicant and his family members enjoy full lifelong citizenship that can be passed to future generations by descent.
    • Applying to the program requires a certified service provider.

    Investment Options:

    1. Financial Contribution starts from ($100,000).
    2. Real-Estate Investment starts from ($200,000).
    3. Business Investment starts from ($400,000).

    Program Requirements

    1. The principal applicant must be above 18 years old.
    2. Clear criminal record for all family members.
    3. Clear medical tests for all family members.
    4. Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia and North Korea citizens can not apply to the program, excluding those residing in Saudi Arabia or United Arab Emirates for more than 10 years provided that their funds are not generated in any of the prohibited countries

    Program Steps

    1. The applicant signs the Service agreement with RESPECT and pays the fees as shown in the table below.
    2. Due Diligence procedure will begin for the main applicant and all family members.
    3. The applicant submits the required documents and undergoes the medical examination.
    4. The application will be submitted through the certified service provider to the citizenship unit, the unit will then be checking and auditing the submitted documents before issuing the “initial approval” for the application.
    5. The citizenship by investment unit will issue the approval letter along with the transfer details for the applicant to transfer the government fees and financial contribution fees (or real estate value).
    6. The applicant will transfer the financial contribution or the balance of the real-estate investment.
    7. Passport applications and fees will be submitted, and accordingly the citizenship certificates will be issued, followed by the passports.
    8. The passport will be valid for 5 years and it could be renewed from the consulates of Antigua & Barbuda located in London, Toronto, New York, Miami, Washington, Havana, or from the specialized department in Antigua.


    Option 1: Non-Refundable Contribution Option (Valid until 31st of October 2018):

    1- Financial Contribution:

    For a family of four members or less $100,000
    For a family of five members or more $125,000
    Option 2: Real-Estate Investment Option (Valid until 31st of October 2018):

    1- Real Estate (Can be sold after 5 years):

    Real-Estate value (The property can only be sold after 5 years from the purchase date)
    $400,000 for one application OR $200,000 for a shared real estate application
    Registration fees Depends on the real estate project

    2- Government fees:

    For a family of four members or less $25,000
    For each additional dependent $15,000

    2- Government fees:

    For a family of four members or less $50,000
    For each additional dependent $15,000

    3- Fees:

    Due-Diligence fees for Main Applicant, Spouse  $7,500
    Due-Diligence fees for dependents above the age of 18  $4,000
    Due-Diligence fees for dependents between the age of 12-17  $2,000
    Passport issuance fees for each member of the family  $300
    Legal fees will apply

    3- Fees:

    Due-Diligence fees for Main Applicant, Spouse  $7,500
    Due-Diligence fees for dependents above the age of 18  $4,000
    Due-Diligence fees for dependents between the age of 12-17  $2,000
    Passport issuance fees for each member of the family  $300
    Legal fees will apply

    Payment Schedule
    First payment

    Within the 1st month

    Upon signing the agreement 50% of the legal fees
    Due-Diligence fees + 10% of the government fees
    In case of real estate investment: As per the approved project’s terms
    Second payment

    Within the 3-6 months

    After receiving the approval

    (Should be paid within 30 days)

    Paying the Financial Contribution fees (or real estate investment balance)
    90% of the government fees
    50% balance of the legal fees
    Passport fees

    Documents Checklist

    General Documentation Requirements:
    • The spelling of each applicant’s name must be consistent/identical throughout all forms, documents, and translations.
    • Documents must be recent (Issued within 3 months).
    • All required copies of the documents must be clear and colored
    • All needed documents should be submitted to the citizenship by investment unit (CIU) in one set.
    • RESPECT will be handling the translation and authentication of documents through the company’s lawyer in Dubai.
    • Additional documents may be required depending on the case.
    • Letters should be addressed to:

    The Citizenship by Investment Unit
    ABI Financial Center, floor 3
    Redcliffe Street, St. John’s

    # Document Copy or Original Notes
    1 Questionnaire for each family member E-mail (RESPECT will provide it)
    2 All current Passport copies for each family member Colored Copy Must show the issuance and expiry dates
    3 Valid visas for each family member Colored Copy (If applicable)
    4 Birth Certificate for each family member Copy
    5 National ID Card Copy (If applicable)
    6 Residency Card/Visa for each family member Colored Copy
    7 Marriage Certificate/Contract Copy (If applicable)
    8 Divorce Certificate / Death Certificate Copy (If applicable)
    9 Military Service Certificate or Exemption Certificate Copy (If applicable)
    10 Photos (12) for each family member Original (As per photos specifications)
    11 HIV Test (Only 11 years old and above) Original
    12 Detailed CV for main applicant and spouse E-mail (RESPECT will provide a draft)
    13 Education certificate and transcript for the main applicant, spouse and children above 18 Copy For all completed degrees
    14 Enrollment Verification or Student Certificate for children aged 18 years old and above Original
    15 Affidavit of Financial Support from the main applicant for all dependents above 18 Original (If applicable)
    (RESPECT will provide a draft)
    16 Evidence of Residential address:
    National Address Certificate; or
    Lease Agreement (Copy); or
    Utility bill
    Original Must include the main applicant’s name and complete address
    17 Professional Reference letter for the main applicant only Original • Issued by a lawyer, accountant, or other professionals who have dealt with the main applicant for not less than 3 years
    • Included the main applicant’s name, date of birth, passport number and nature of the business relationship
    (RESPECT will provide a draft)
    18 Employment Letter(if an employee) Original • Issued by the current work place
    • For the main applicant and for spouse (If applicable)
    (RESPECT will provide a draft)
    19 Business/Company Documents (if an employer) Copy • The commercial registration of the company
    • Latest 2 years Audited Financial Statement of the company
    20 Bank Reference Letter Original • That the applicant has been dealing with the bank for at least two years
    • Issued on the bank letterhead
    (RESPECT will provide a draft)
    21 Bank Statement Original • Of the last 12 months before applying to the program
    • From the same bank that issued the Bank Reference Letter
    22 Police Clearance Certificates for each family member 18 years old and above from the: Original • Country of citizenship
    • Country of current residency
    • Countries where the member resided for continuous 6 months in the past 10 years
    23 Certificate of Name Change Copy (If applicable)
    ONLY in Case of Real-estate investment option:
    Sale & Purchase Agreement Original Executed Real Estate Contract, Share Purchase Contract, or Investment Contract
    Executed Escrow Agreement and/or Memorandum of Transfer Original
    Proof of full payment (purchase price) in escrow account Original
    Special Cases (If applicable):
    When a single parent is applying with a child under 18 Original Affidavit of Consent and Knowledge from the other parent, and a notarized, signed copy of the other parent’s photo ID
    When one parent has sole custody of a child, or another person has legal guardianship of a child Original Legal documentation proving sole custody or guardianship of a child

    Antigua & Barbuda Passport Holders Can Enter 132 Countries Visa Free (Or Visa on Arrival)

    United Kingdom Egypt Saint Kitts and NevisLebanon
    Albania El Salvador Lesotho Saint Lucia
    Andorra Estonia Liechtenstein Samoa
    Armenia Ethiopia Lithuania San Marino
    Austria Fiji Luxembourg Seychelles
    Bahamas Finland Macao Singapore
    Bangladesh France Macedonia Slovakia
    Barbados Gabon Madagascar Slovenia
    Belarus Gambia Malawi Solomon Islands
    Belgium Georgia Malaysia Somalia
    Belize Germany Maldives South Africa
    Benin Greece Malta South Korea
    Bolivia Grenada Mauritania Spain
    Bosnia and Herzegovina Guatemala Mauritius Sri Lanka
    Botswana Guinea-Bissau Micronesia St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    Brazil Guyana Moldova Suriname
    Bulgaria Haiti MonacoSwaziland
    Cambodia Honduras Montenegro Sweden
    Cape Verde Hong Kong Mozambique Switzerland
    Chile Hungary Nepal Tanzania
    Colombia Iceland Netherlands Timor-Leste
    Comoros India Nicaragua Togo
    Costa Rica Indonesia Norway Trinidad and Tobago
    Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Iran Palau Tunisia
    Croatia Ireland Palestinian Territories Turkey
    Cuba Italy Panama Tuvalu
    Cyprus Jamaica Peru Uganda
    Czechia Jordan Philippines Ukraine
    Denmark Kenya PolandVanuatu
    Djibouti Kiribati Portugal Vatican City
    Dominica Kosovo Qatar Venezuela
    Dominican Republic Laos Romania Zambia
    Ecuador Latvia Rwanda Zimbabwe