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  • Canada Residency

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  • About Canada

    • Capital: Ottawa.
    • Population: 35.85 Million (2016).
    • Geographical Area: 9,985,000 million km².
    •  Currency: Canadian Dollars = 0.8 USD = 3 SAR
    • Canada is considered one of the best countries for immigration.
    • Canada passport is ranked the 3rdworldwide.
    • One of the best healthcare systems worldwide.
    • A well-developed education system and considered to be the best worldwide.
    • The basic years of education is free (till Secondary School) and University education is subsidized.
    •  Canada is considered one of the safest countries and has a high standard lifestyle.

    About Manitoba

    • Manitoba has a population of 1.3 million, the area is about 650,000 square kilometers (approximately as the geographical area of France).
    • The province (and Canada) provides the best free healthcare services worldwide.
    • Manitoba has the strongest economy in Canada and the most diversified (the domestic production in 2017 = 57 billion Canadian Dollars).
    • Manitoba’s accommodation and lifestyle expenses are considered the least expensive in Canada.
    • Peaceful and friendly towards immigrants.
    • It is a suitable place for families to live and build businesses.
    • Manitoba has 5 universities and higher education institutes, the most notable is UM(University of Manitoba),the university is established in1877 (140 years), as the number of students in 2017 was 29,498,it has various bachelor and post-graduate programs as Business Management, Medicine, Engineering, Sciences, arts, law and other majors.
    • 85% of the applicants established businesses within 3 months from arriving to Manitoba, 76% owned a property, 95% completely relocated and lived permanently.

    Program Requirements

    The program is dedicated to applicant who wishes to move and work in Manitoba, as the requirements are:
    1. Has managerial experience of at least 3 years (within the last 5 years) as a business owner, partner or a high managerial level employee.
    2. The applicant must have a middle level of English language, IELTS score of 4.5 – 5.0.
    3. The main applicant should have done the high school education years (12 years).
    4. No age requirements for the main applicant, however, applicants between the age of 25 – 49 will have more points.
    5. Proof of net worth under the name of the main applicant and spouse through Real Estate, savings or any assets anywhere in the world exceeding the value of CAD 500,000 (1,500,000 SAR)
    6. The proof of financials must be verified by certified Canadian institutions, such as, Grant Thornton LLP and MNP LLP, as to be attested within 120 days from the application acceptance and the initial approval.
    7. The program requires the main applicant to establish a business (or plan to share or buy an existing business) for a minimum of CAD 250,000 for a business in the capital of the province, or CAD 150,000 outside the capital, as there is a deadline for the business requirement of 12 months from residinginprovince by a work permit.
    8. The business should be in one of the industries available in the programs options and should secure at leastone job for Canadiancitizen or resident (excluding family relatives).
    9. Visiting Manitoba exploring the investmentopportunities and attend weekly conferences related to the program, afterwards, providing a business plan to meet the program’s requirements.
    10. After application approval, the main applicant must sign a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) with the province, afterwards, the province will issue the approval of the work permit.
    11. The main applicant will establish the business as per the business plan and sign the business performance agreement within 12 months from arrival, hire at least one employee, and reside in Manitoba for 15-18 months before submitting the final performance report.
    12. The application includes the main applicant, spouse and dependent children below the age of 22 that has been continuously studying without gap years.

    Stages & Steps of the Program

    1. Signing the service agreement with RESPECT and pay the required fees to start the process.
    2. The applicant will be submitting the required information and documents for eligibility (financially, managerially and other requirements).
    3. Obtaining an IELTS certificate to prove the level of English Language proficiency the applicant has, and it is recommended for the spouse to obtain it as well for additionalpoints.
    4. After receiving the IELTS certificate, the self-assessment form will be prepared.
    1. The applicant should make a detailed research on the investment opportunities available related to his/her experience, and RESPECT recommends visiting Manitoba for a better chance of exploring the available investments opportunities and attending the weekly conferences related to the program.
    2. After research and visit are complete (if happened), the applicant will prepare a business plan that meets the requirements.
    3. An application form will be preparedbased on the business plan.

    Business Activities (below) that are not qualified as investment opportunities for the applicants of this program, the applicants should not consider establishing a business from the list below:
    Loaning services – immigration by investment services – a project for an immigrant by investment (less than 7 years) – freelance – Real Estate investments – Real Estate management – motels businesses BB – import and export services – vehicles leasing – taxi services – professional services projects

    1. The applications of the research, self-assessment forms, and business plan will be submitted.
    2. The applications will be evaluated, and results will be sent to the applicant
    1. The application will compete with a vast number of applications depending on the points achieved. Applications afterwards with the higher points will be picked up first monthly, then to the lower points applications.
    2. In case the application has been chosen, the program will issue an initial invitation LLA (Letter of Advice to Apply).
    3. The applicant afterwards should pay the second legal fees.
    4. The applicant must verify the source of income and net worth documents from certified Canadian institutions.
    5. Within 60 days from the approval date, the forms will be submitted, and applicant should pay the application fees of CAD $2,500.
    1. The application will be checked and an interview in Manitoba may be requested.
    2. The work permit will be issued, the applicant should have a legal consultancy certificate, afterwards, signing the Business Performance Agreement (BPA).
    3. The applicant then will be paying the balance of the legal fees.
    1. The applicant will have the work permit and will be able to travel and relocate to Manitoba.
    2. The applicant is required to visit the program’s office within 30 days of the date of arrival.
    3. The applicant is required to submit a document proving the development of the business after 6 months.
    4. The applicant is required to work as per the business plan within 12 months from the date of arrival, and commit to it financially, managerially (on a daily basis) and hiring at least one Canadian citizen or resident (excluding his/her family members), and that is if establishing a new business. In case of sharing a business, the applicant must maintain the employees number in the company.
    5. Reside for a duration of 15 out of 18 months in Manitoba before submitting the final report.
    6. Starting the business, hire (not less than 6 months) and complete the first period of residence, the applicant must submit the final report after 18 months from his/her arrival
    1. After implementing the business and confirming the government on all the rules and regulations, the unit will issue the Certificate of Nomination from the province.
    2. After the province approval, the immigration file will be submitted to the federal stage.
    3. Within 6 – 9 months, the federal unit will issue the approval, and the applicant will obtain the permanent residency