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  • Officially known as Republic of Malta.

    • Malta is a Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast.
    • Valletta is the capital and Birkirkara is the largest city in the Malta.
    • Population: 460,297 people (2017).
    • Malta has a strategic location as it is located between Europe and Africa.
    • Malta enjoys a stable political status and economic importance.
    • Malta and Germany were the only states in the Euro zone maintaining economic growth during the financial crisis.
    • Malta is a popular tourist destination with its warm climate, numerous recreational areas, and architectural and historical monuments.
    • Malta is a member of: The Schengen area, the European Union, World Trade Organization (WTO), Organization for Security and Co-operation (OSC), Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), and International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC).
    • Malta Passport is ranked 6th globally and it allows its holders Visa Free travel to 162 Countries.

    Benefits of the Program

    • After receiving the citizenship through this program, the applicant and his family members will enjoy all the rights of a Malta citizen and can pass the citizenship to future generations.
    • When applying for the citizenship program, the applicant and his family members obtain Temporary EU Residencies to finish up the citizenship procedures which allows them freedom of movement within the Schengen zone (26 countries).
    • The citizenship application process takes no less than a year, while the residency is issued within 90 days.
    • The applicant can invest his property by leasing it for his own account.
    • The application includes the main applicant, spouse, their dependent parents and dependent unmarried children under the age of 26.
    • Malta residents and citizens benefit from Malta’s public education and healthcare system (Provided that they have a health insurance).
    • Malta citizens are not subject to taxation on income generated outside of Malta.

    Program Requirements and Eligibility

    • A non-refundable financial contribution starting from EUR 650,000 to government fund.
    • Owning a real estate property with a minimum value of EUR 350,000 or renting a property for EUR 16,000 a year. The property must be kept for 5 years.
    • A  financial contribution of EUR 150,000 in government bonds fully refundable after 5 years.
    • Spouse and unmarried dependent children under the age of 26 can be included in the application, as well as financially dependent parents above the age of 55.
    • Applicants must reside in Malta for a year to obtain the passport and citizenship.
    • Maltese citizens have access to all investment opportunities in Malta and the EU.
    • When signing the Property Purchase Agreement, the applicant must pay full property value and transfer it to the seller bank account in Malta.
    • Applicants must demonstrate a clean criminal records.
    • Applicants must undergo medical check ups to prove clear health conditions.

    Fees & Cost:

    Economic Contribution
    Main Applicant: Euro 650,000
    Spouse and children below 18: Euro 25,000
    Children between (18-26): Euro 50,000
    Parents/Grandparents: Euro 50,000
    Starting from Euro 650,000
    Purchase a property of at least Euro 350,000 OR rent a property of Euro 16,000 annually.
    Starting from Euro 350,000 (Purchase) or Euro 16,000 (Annual rent)
    Government Bonds
    Investment in Government Bonds of at least Euro 150,000

    Euro 150,000
    Due Diligence
    Main Applicant: Euro 7,500
    Dependents above (18): Euro 5,000
    Children between (13-18): Euro 3,000

    Starting from Euro 7,500
    Legal fees will be applied

    Required documents:

    1. Valid Passport copy.
    2. Police Certificate from the citizenship country and the country of residency (If the applicant resides outside his home country).
    3. Copy of Birth Certificates.
    4. Copy of Marriage Certificate.
    5. A Confirmation Letter by the applicant declaring his/her commitment to the regulations of the program.
    6. A Declaration proving applicant’s source of funds.
    7. Proof of investment and fees transfer.

    Steps & Procedures

    • Signing the service agreement.
    • Transferring the legal fees (50%) + Due Diligence Fees.
    • Preparing the documents required to submit the first application.
    • Due Diligence check.

    E-Residence Permit Application:

    • Completing forms.
    • Obtaining health insurance.
    • Obtaining a residential address.
    • Meeting with the Program Officials.

    Malta Citizenship by Investment Application:

    • Completing forms.
    • Undergoing medical check-ups.

    After Receiving the Letter of Approval:

    • Paying the Financial Contribution.
    • Depositing in government bonds.
    • Buying or Renting a property.
    • Residing in Malta for 12 months.

    After 12 Months of Residency:

    • Submitting final documents.
    • Invitation Letter.
    • Oath of Allegiance.
    • Issuance of Citizenship Certificate.
    • Registration in Public Records.

    162 Visa Free Countries (Or Visa on Arrival)

    Albania Czechia Jamaica Burma South Africa
    Andorra Denmark Japan Nepal South Korea
    Antigua and Barbuda Djibouti Jordan Netherlands Spain
    ArgentinaDominica Kazakhstan New Zealand Sri Lanka
    Armenia Dominican Republic Kenya Nicaragua St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    Australia Ecuador Kiribati Norway Suriname
    Austria Egypt Kosovo Oman Swaziland
    Azerbaijan El Salvador Kuwait Palau Sweden
    Bahamas Estonia Kyrgyzstan Palestinian Territories Switzerland
    Bahrain Ethiopia Laos Panama Taiwan
    Bangladesh Fiji Latvia Papua New Guinea Tajikistan
    Barbados Finland Lebanon Paraguay Tanzania
    Belarus France Lesotho Peru Thailand
    Belgium Gabon Liechtenstein Philippines Timor-Leste
    Belize Gambia Lithuania Poland Togo
    Benin Georgia Portugal TongaGreece
    Bolivia Germany Macao Qatar Trinidad and Tobago
    Bosnia and Herzegovina Macedonia Romania TunisiaGrenada
    Botswana Madagascar Rwanda TurkeyCyprus
    BrazilGuatemala Malawi Saint Kitts and Nevis Tuvalu
    Brunei Guinea-Bissau Malaysia Saint Lucia Uganda
    Bulgaria Haiti Maldives Samoa Ukraine
    Burkina Faso Honduras Marshall Islands San Marino United Arab Emirates
    Cambodia Hong Kong Mauritania Sao Tome and Principe United Kingdom
    Canada Hungary Mauritius Senegal United States of America
    Cape Verde Iceland Mexico Serbia Uruguay
    Chile India Micronesia Seychelles Uzbekistan
    Colombia Indonesia Moldova Singapore Vanuatu
    Comoros Iran Monaco Slovakia Vatican City
    Costa Rica Ireland Montenegro Slovenia Venezuela
    Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Israel Morocco Solomon Islands Zambia
    Croatia MozambiqueSomalia ZimbabweItaly