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  • Portugal:

    • Location: in the Iberian Peninsula, Southwest Europe, bordered by Spain from the north and east, and the Atlantic Ocean from the west and south (800 km from the coast).
    • Main cities: Lisbon (Caapital), Porto and Algarve.
    • Population: 10.31 million people (2017).
    • Founding member of the Euro area.
    • A member of the European Union and the Schengen zone.
    • A member of the United Nations and World Trade Organization.
    • It has more than 300 universities and higher education institutions.
    • European citizens have access to free or minimal fees education across the European Union.
    • European citizens have access to the high standards European healthcare system.

    Program’s Advantages:

    • Portuguese passport is considered one of the most powerful passports worldwide. It is ranked 4th globally and it allows visa-free access to 164 countries.
    • A reliable real estate investment with a ROI (Guaranteed Return on Investment) of 4-5% yearly with flexible reselling solutions.
    • Investing EUR 280,000 in buying a share (Out of 45 shares) in a real estate project that is based on transforming a historical building into a modern tourism and medical compound with 45 luxurious suits.
    • A guarantee of selling the property for the original purchase price after 6 years (EUR 280,000).
    • After the first year of operation, the investor can sell his share, however, EUR 20,000 will be deducted from his share’s price for every year he’s selling prior to maturity (6 years). For example, 3 years earlier = EUR 60,000 reduction, share will be sold for EUR 220,000.
    • It is a flexible program, does not require the investor to reside in Portugal for more than 7 days per year to maintain the residency.
    • There are no age, education or language requirements to maintain the residency.
    • In 90 days applicants obtain a temporary residency permit to conduct business in Portugal and Europe without any restrictions.
    • The applicants can obtain the Permanent Residency after 5 years of holding the temporary residency.
    • The applicants can apply for the Portuguese citizenship and passport a year after receiving the Permanent Residency (By the end of the sixth year).
    • The application includes the main applicant, spouse, student children and financially dependents parents of the main applicants.

    Program Requirements:

    The investment options:

    Investing for 5 years or until granting the
    citizenship (6 years)
    # Amount (EUR) Investment
    1 Euro 280,000 Owning or participating in a Real-Estate project in the minimal population suburbs
    2 Euro 350,000 Owning or participating in a Real-Estate development project
    3 Euro 500,000 Owning an independent property without any conditions
    4 According to a feasibility study Establishing a project that provides 10 employments
    5 Euro 1,000,000 A non-profitable deposit for 6 years
    Duration of stay:

    Duration Minimum duration of stay in Portugal
    Within 3 months 4-5 days: Applying for the residency
    After residency issuance – Within the first year 7 days
    Within the 2nd and 3rd years A total of 14 days (Or 7 days each year)
    Within the 4th and 5th year A total of 14 days (Or 7 days each year)

    Required documents:

    The program’s required documents are limited which is an advantage for the program:
    1. Valid Passport and Schengen Visa.
    2. A valid health insurance in Portugal.
    3. Police Certificate from the country of citizenship and the country of residency (If the applicant has been living outside his home country for a year).
    4. Police Certificate from Portugal.
    5. Forms.
    6. A Confirmation Letter by the applicant stating his/her commitment to the regulations of the program.
    7. A Confirmation Letter by the Portuguese tax department acquitting the applicant.
    8. A Proof of investment and fees transfer.


    Legal fees will apply
    Includes services from building up the application till the Temporary Residency issuance
    Value of the investment share
    The least expensive are real estate projects in the less populated suburbs.
    Starting from EUR 280,000
    Real Estate Fees
    (Depends on the type, value,  and location of the property as well as the related taxes)

    VAT of 23% On the building section + registration fees + notary fees + credit account fees + attestation fees + tax representation fees

    Assuming a Real Estate investment of EUR 280,000

    Fees: EUR 40,000

    Temporary Residency Application EUR 520 for main applicant
    + EUR 80 for each member
    Insurance and Residency Cards issuance fees (Each member) EUR 5,400
    Residency Cards renewal fees
    (At the end of the 1st, 3rd, and 5th year)
    EUR 2,600 for each member

    +EUR 3,000 for a family of 3 members
    +EUR 750 for each additional member

    The total cost for a family of 4 members, including renewals till the 6th years

    (Considering a Real-Estate value of EUR 280,000)

    EUR 391,600
    The return on investment for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years = 4% = EUR 33,600
    4th and 5th years = 5% = EUR 28,000
    Total Return = EUR 61,600
    + Selling the Real-Estate after the 6th year = EUR 280,000
    EUR (-341,600)
    The total cost of getting the citizenship
    EUR 50,000

    Program Steps

    Program Steps and Order of Payments –  for a family of 4 members
    Step Procedures Fees (EUR) Total fees (EUR)
    1 Signing the agreement with Respect Services, and providing copies of passports for all family members to start the procedures 50% Of Legal fees
    2 Submitting documents to the embassy for attestation + Applying for the Schengen Visa Approximately Euro 800 €800
    3 Procedures Portugal visit preparations:
    The main applicant has several options:
    1. The main applicant visits Portugal to open a credit account, choose and purchase a Real Estate property, and submit his fingerprints. Afterwards, the family members visit Portugal to finish up their procedures.
    2. OR the main applicant prepares the complete file (Except the Property Purchase Agreement and Fingerprints) and visits Portugal with his family to purchase the real estate property and finish the transfer and fingerprints procedures.
    3. OR the main applicant purchases the real estate property without visiting Portugal (Through a law firm), after the purchasing procedures are complete, the main applicant visits Portugal with his family to finish up the fingerprints procedures.
    The procedures that are to be completed during the visit are:
    • Purchasing the Real Estate investment.
    • Obtaining a tax number in Portugal.
    • Opening a bank account in Portugal.
    • Signing the forms related to the property purchase and the residency application.

    The Real-Estate value is €280,000

    VAT = €16,100

    Registration (0.8%) = €1,680

    Municipality fees= none

    Bank Account fees = €615

    Authentication = €320

    Notary = €250

    Tax representative = €308

    Health insurance = 200*4

    Water utility fees = €20,000

    Tax file accountant fees = €615

    Total fees = €40,687

    4 Upon completing the property purchase and fingerprints procedures, the residency application will be submitted.

    Residency application submission fees

    Euro 520 for the main applicant

    + Euro 80 for each member

    5 After the approval, the residency cards issuance fees are payable. Euro 5,202 (Each member) €20,808
    6 Within 3-4 weeks, residency cards will be issued and delivered to Respect Services office to be handed to the investor. 50% of Legal fees
    7 For 5 years, the main applicant and his family members will hold the temporary residency and will commit to its renewal conditions (Visits and required stay duration) Renewal fees:
    Euro 3,250 for the family
    + Euro 10,400 (Euro 2,600 each)
    + Euro 520 for the main applicant
    + Euro 80 for each dependent
    Total renewals = Euro 14,420
    Euro 3,200 Insurance (5 years)
    + Euro 2,153 Tax files (5 years)
    8 After holding the temporary residency for 5 years, applicants have the right to apply for the permanent residency. After another year (6th year), the applicants can apply for the citizenship, subject that they pass the Portuguese language tests.
    Total €391,600

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