Honored Guest: Dr. Ernest Hilaire’s Visit to Respect Services Office in Amman, Jordan

St Lucia VPM visit

Event Details

Respect Services was honored to host the Deputy Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Hilaire, at its headquarters in Amman. This visit underscores the strong relationship built on respect and trust between the Government of Saint Lucia and Respect Services, a trusted agent for citizenship by investment programs and a leading company in this field.


Mr. Hani Alsadi, Founder and CEO of Respect Services, along with board members, warmly received His Excellency Dr. Ernest Hilaire at the office. During the meeting, they discussed the latest developments related to Saint Lucia’s program and recent updates in citizenship by investment.


Mr. Hani Alsadi accompanied His Excellency Dr. Hilaire on a tour of Respect’s various facilities, showcasing current capabilities and projects. The tour highlighted the team’s expertise and advanced technologies employed by the company.


Dr. Hilaire expressed admiration for the high professionalism and excellent organization he observed during his visit. He commended the team’s performance, and at the conclusion of the tour, Mr. Hani Alsadi presented a commemorative gift to His Excellency as a token of appreciation for his gracious visit.


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