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St Kitts and Nevis

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Benefits Of St Kitts and Nevis

Visa-free Countries You Can Access

Who can be included in this citizenship application?

The Program’s Conditions

Steps and Payments

We start by Signing the Service Agreement with Respect. And then Pay 50% of the Professional fees

Submit the needed documents and information.

Once the documents are completed, the official application forms are received for signature.

Pay the Due-Diligence Fees

+ Legal Fees
+ Bank Due-Diligence Fees
+ (10% of the Real Estate payment for Real Estate investment option)

The application will be submitted by the legal representative to the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU), then the CIU will start the Due-Diligence and will review the information and documents provided.

In case of the presence of (initial) comments from the CIU on the application (additional information or documents required), we have to coordinate with the applicant to address them.

Upon completion of the Due-Diligence and checking the application, the CIU issues its (final) comments on the application for processing, otherwise, the unit shall issue an approval letter of the application along with the transfer instructions.

Once the approval is issued, the applicant is due to transfer the government fees + (The Financial Contribution or the balance of the Real Estate Investment).

Pay the Financial Contribution or Real Estate Investment balance

+ Citizenship Certificate and Passport Fees

+ 50% of the Professional fees ($5,000)

Citizenship Certificates and the Passports will be issued respectively