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Dominica To the United Kingdom Via Electronic Travel Authorization

Dominica To the United Kingdom Via Electronic Travel Authorization

My TitleDominica To the United Kingdom Via Electronic Travel Authorization

Dominica To the United Kingdom Via Electronic Travel Authorization

Dominica To the United Kingdom Via Electronic Travel Authorization

During 2023, many changes occurred to citizenship by investment programs, including the imposition of a visa requirement on holders of Dominica passports to enter the United Kingdom.  Despite holders of Dominica passports can easily and quickly obtain UK visa for long periods if they meet the conditions and requirements, but the news was not positively received by some investors.

Considering this news, the government of Dominica, through its Prime Minister, His Excellency Roosevelt Skerrit, announced that it is working diligently and continuously to develop and increase security measures related to the citizenship by investment program to align with the requirements of the United Kingdom government.  It affirmed that Dominica always prioritizes choosing the best security agencies, with the highest rankings, located in the United States and Britain, to ensure the security and safety of the program.


The United Kingdom and Electronic Travel Authorization

Similar to the European Union, the United Kingdom is preparing its own Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system. Upon its implementation, anyone wishing to travel to the United Kingdom without needing a visa will be required to apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA).

The United Kingdom has begun listing the countries that will be subject to this system on its official website Gov.UK, including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab of Emirates, and Jordan.  Dominica is expected to be included in this list soon, along with 93 other countries, including Schengen countries, according to information available on the UK-eta website.  The full implementation of this system is expected by the end of 2024.

What are the requirements for obtaining an electronic travel authorization for citizens of Dominica?

When this system is implemented and Dominica is included, holders of Dominica passports will be able to apply for electronic travel authorization for all their short-term visits to the United Kingdom if they do not exceed 180 days.  These visits must be for tourism, transit, or short-term business purposes.

Applicants must have a clean security record, without any criminal convictions, for their applications to be accepted, Additionally, they are not required to submit any official financial documents with this authorization.

What are the steps to obtain electronic travel authorization for the United Kingdom?

The application process for electronic travel authorization is expected to take no more than 10 minutes, and the authorization will be issued quickly within a maximum of 5 working days.

When filling out the electronic form available on the official website of the United Kingdom government, make sure to have the following:


  • Bank card for paying the application fee.
  • Updated and accurate contact information (home address, email, phone number)
  • Personal information (name and date of birth)
  • Passport information
  • Employment information
  • Honesty in answering the application questions.



The Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is considered one of the best programs globally, distinguishing itself from its counterparts in the Caribbean countries with visa-free entry to China, a renewable 10-year validity, the ability to pass citizenship to children and future generations at reasonable fees, in addition to having an embassy in the United Arab of Emirates.


We, at Respect Services, strive to always keep you up to date with the last related developments and news. We always provide you with valuable information and updated visions continuously to help you in obtaining citizenship or residency by investment.

If you would like more information about Dominica’s citizenship by investment program, book your free consultation now with one of our investment consultants.



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