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Latest Updates: New investment option in Saint Lucia

Latest Updates: New investment option in Saint Lucia

My TitleLatest Updates: New investment option in Saint Lucia

Latest Updates: New investment option in Saint Lucia

تحديث برنامج سانت لوشيا

Latest Updates: New investment option in Saint Lucia

The Citizenship Department in Saint Lucia announced the addition of a new investment option under the name of investing in infrastructure projects, which represents an important expansion of the range of options available to investors wishing to obtain Saint Lucia citizenship.

This step comes as part of the department’s efforts to enhance the local economy and provide diverse investment opportunities for global investors. This new opportunity reflects Saint Lucia’s commitment to attracting investors looking to make value-added investments in the country’s core projects and infrastructure.

The projects that investors can invest in under this new program include a wide range of sectors, including specialty restaurants, cruise ports, and marinas, agricultural processing plants, pharmaceutical products, infrastructure such as ports, bridges, and highways, research institutions, and offshore universities, as well as projects such as housing, social development projects, and investment services.

The investment price for this new option starts from $100,000 for the main applicant, and $150,000 for a family that includes the main applicant, a spouse, and two dependents.

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program is considered one of the most in-demand programs for the year 2024, as the Saint Lucia passport is ranked among the highest in the world and allows its holder to travel to more than 120 countries around the world without a visa, with the possibility of transferring citizenship to newborn children through lineage and obtaining second citizenship for a lifetime and many other advantages.

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