Ahmed Al-Hanawi joins the success stories of Respect Company and obtains a second nationality

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Social media influencer Ahmed Al-Hanawi has obtained a second passport, affiliated with the British Commonwealth through Respect Company. Al-Hanawi expressed his great happiness with this achievement through special videos on his social media pages. He informed his followers that traveling represented one of the major challenges in his life due to the numerous visa requirements […]

Second Passport and Citizenship by Investment

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In our time, obtaining a second passport and Citizenship by investment has become a matter of special importance, as it combines improving personal privileges with economic opportunities. This concept opens new horizons for individuals seeking to benefit from the advantage of traveling around the world without a visa, and other advantages related to obtaining a […]

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

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In the heart of the Middle East, Türkiye stands out as a destination that attracts investors seeking opportunities. The program for obtaining Turkish Citizenship by Investment represents an exceptional turning point that reflects an ambitious government vision to attract capital and promote economic development. This program provides an innovative legal framework that facilitates investors in obtaining […]

Visiting the Representatives of Galaxy Company for Respect Services Office in Dubai

Respect Services Company hosted on Thursday 18 January the representatives of Galaxy Company, the only authorized developer and strategic partner for Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program, at its office in Dubai, and Mr. Mazen Alsadi, the CFO and Miss Rawan Alsadi, the CMO and the two Investment Consultants Maya AL Taher and Taima Khabbaz […]

Expanding European Horizons: Bulgaria and Romania’s Entry into the Schengen Area

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In a historic step, 27 countries unanimously agreed to abolish restrictions on the air and sea borders of Bulgaria and Romania as of 31 March 2024, according to a statement issued in the European capital, Brussels.   This announcement reflects the European Union’s dedication to expanding cooperation and integration among its member states. It is […]

Saint Kitts And Nevis Signs a Visa Waiver Agreement with The Republic of Kazakhstan

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As part of their ongoing efforts to strengthen their foreign relations in facilitating the movement of their citizens, and to expand the country’s diplomatic footprint around the world, the Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis signed in New York, 26 January 2024, a visa waiver agreement with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The […]

Investor Visa for Startups in Canada: Unlocking Doors to Abundant Opportunities

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The Investor Visa for Startups in Canada represents more than just a visa; it serves as an invitation to join the vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem.  This distinctive program provides investors and their families with a pathway to permanent residency in Canada.   The primary goal of the investor visa for startups is to attract skilled and […]

Choosing between European residency through investment and the Blue Card: Which is better?

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Attracting talents and investors to Europe is considered crucial for promoting economic development and innovation. European countries are characterized by advanced economic structures and diverse job opportunities, making them an enticing destination for skilled professionals and talented workforce. The reasons for the attractiveness of European countries to investors and global talents are manifold, encompassing economic, […]

The Saudi summit brings together the Kingdom and the Caribbean countries to enhance cooperation in various fields.

Today, Riyadh is organizing the first Saudi summit with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries, aiming to strengthen partnership and (open New Horizon) for cooperation between the Kingdom and the Caribbean (especially in the fields of economy, investment, trading, and tourism. The leaders, and The Presidents of delegations of countries participating in the summit began their […]